Digital technology as a facilitator to enrich the quality of the city life

A Smart City is a city or region where digital technologies are being combined with infrastructure, architecture and everyday objects. The data from this interplay are then structured and processed into tools that provide an answer to urban problems: social and economic inequality, mobility issues... 

The technologies of the digital age run like a thread through the udates in the smart city. These updates include innovations, savings, options for sustainability,… And all this to enrich the quality of life in the city.
Our Smart Cities programme created a successful regional network – (IoT4Society) ( by participating in an Innovative Business Network (IBN) scheme set out by the Flemish government. This project is an essential part of our Smart Cities programme, providing access to complementary networks and know-how. Within this ecosystem we focus specifically on companies that actively develop products and services for cities and municipalities in the value chain of a smart city.
Our Cities programme is part of Smart City Tech ( ). Smart City Tech is a partnership to facilitate global cooperation between city stakeholders aiming at the development and realization of innovative value models for urban areas enabled by smart systems. This partnership keeps us and our members informed about goings-on elsewhere and creates an internationalization platform, opening doors to the rest of Europe. Members of the Smart Cities programme enjoy all the benefits of the alliance.
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