Unique networking event at Philips Healthcare (28/2/13: tours are full!)
28-03-2013 :: Philips Healthcare Netherlands (Best)

Organizer: DSP Valley Special Interest Group Smart Health


Philips Healthcare Netherlands welcomes you to the DSP Valley Networking event at their site in Best on March 28. Best is the biggest of all Philips sites worldwide and employs approximately 3000 people. Main activities are Research and Development, Production and Marketing for the Interventional Xray and Magnetic Resonance Business Units. They have hundreds of partners in design and production and an active innovation ecosystem with leading parties.

As can be seen from the agenda, two guided tours are foreseen before the plenary session, but as of 28/2/13 the tours are fully booked, so there is only the possibility to join for the plenary part after the tours (see agenda).

The official opening will take place at 17.00 with a short introduction by DSP Valley. This will be followed at 17.10 by a presentation by Mr. Maurits RT Smits, Vice President R&D, on “Philips Healthcare Technology Strategy”.

After this presentation, there will be an opportunity to socialize and also to meet other representatives of Philips Healthcare. The event will finish at 18.30 hours.

The program at a glance:

  • 14:30     Welcome of first group of participants for first tour (only if more than 30 people register)
  • 15:00     First guided tour (28/2/13: FULLY BOOKED!!!)
  • 15:30     Welcome of second group of participants (or all participants if less than 30 people register)
  • 16:00     Second guided tour (22/2/13: FULLY BOOKED!!!)
  • 16:30     Welcome of participants who do not attend the guided tour(s)
  • 17:00     Plenary opening by DSP Valley
  • 17:10     Keynote presentation by Mr. Maurits RT Smits, Vice President R&D, "Philips Healthcare Technology Strategy"
  • 17:30     Matchmaking & socializing drink (till 18:30)  From Philips Healthcare specialists will be available to answer your specific questions.

The event will take place at the Philips Healthcare Netherlands site Best,  Veenpluis 4 – 6, 5684 PC Best.

Full members of DSP Valley may attend free of charge. For non-members, the attendance fee is 150 EUR. 

The registrations for this event are closed !

As of 28/2/13, both tours are fully booked, so if you still want to join, you can only participate in the plenary session after the tours, and in the networking.

Please also note that for security reasons only participants who have registered can attend this event. Identification will be required.



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