Crossroads workshop Embedded Vision
13-03-2013 :: GroepT - Leuven

Organizer: DSP Valley

In the different innovation projects (funded in the Crossroads project by Interreg and its co-financors), there have been interesting developments. Some of those projects are still ongoing while others have already achieved promising results.

During this workshop we would like to elaborate on these results to see if further cooperation or other innovation projects are possible.

When ?

Wednesday March 13, starting at 15hr00


GroepT Leuven - room 13.07


  • 15hr00: registration
  • 15hr30: Welcome by Bjorn Van de Vondel (partner in the Crossroads project)
  • 15hr35: Welcome by co-organizer GroepT
  • 15hr45: pitches on the different innovation projects
  • 16hr30: status of the IP Database
  • 16hr45: Q&A and discussion
  • 17hr15: networking drink
  • 18hr15: end


Participation is free, but registration on this site is mandatory.  Your registration is only valid and final after receiving a confirmation.

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