Scrum-Agile Training
21-03-2016 :: Ghent, Belgium

Organizer: Intelligent Systems / Altran

Scrum is a way for teams to work together to develop a product. Product development, using Scrum, occurs in small pieces, with each piece building upon previously created pieces. Building products one small piece at a time encourages creativity and enables teams to respond to feedback and change, to build exactly and only what is needed. Scrum provides a small set of rules that create just enough structure for teams to be able to focus their innovation on solving what might otherwise be an insurmountable challenge. However, Scrum is much more than a simple framework. Scrum supports our need to be human at work: to belong, to learn, to do, to create and be creative, to grow, to improve, and to interact with other people. In other words, Scrum leverages the innate traits and characteristics in people to allow them to do great things together.

21 March 2016: Scrum-Agile 
2-day training: 21/03/16 - 22/03/16
560 euro/day
Ghent - Belgium

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Charlotte Battiau, Sales Support
t +32 9 277 77 37

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