Workshop: Clean Air through community driven IoT networks
20-12-2018 :: Co.Station, Gent


Poor air quality has a considerable economical and medical impact. Workers productivity reduces, soil and crops are damaged, medical costs increase… Although air pollution is often associated with pollution peaks and episodes, long-term exposure to lower doses constitutes an even more serious threat to human health and to nature.

Assume we have a fine-meshed, robust, community driven network of connected air quality sensors:

  • What value can be captured with the data generated through this network?
  • Is it feasible and valuable to deploy such an air quality sensing network?
  • What are hurdles to implement such a network?
  • Are stakeholders interested in investing in air quality?

This workshop is set up to initiate a discussion on data and the added value of data in a clean air context. Demand and supply side actors are mobilized in a co-creative process to define concrete cases and to initiate action.

This workshop will:

  • inspire through the involvement of entrepreneurial cases and insights from technology experts.
  • lead to concrete cases ready for further elaboration.
  • engage stakeholders for action.


12u00: Welcome & sandwichlunch
13u00: Setting the scene
13u15: Inspirational talks about comfort, health, safety and security

  • Technology update
  • Challenges for Facility Management
  • Inspirational cases
  • Business testimonials

14u45: Co-creative brainstorm

  • Explore opportunities
  • Prioritize themes
  • Engage for action

16u45: Wrap up

  • Results
  • Next steps

17u15: Drinks

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