Information Downloads

Some of the documents, presentations, reports, ... that were generated or used during the Smart Bike project are also useful for the general public. Certainly when that public has an interest in innovation and cycling.

For that reason, the project team has and will do so in the future, put some information for download on this page. If you need additional information or if something is not clear, contact the project team.

General project information

Inventory on available technologies, applications, features, ... .
During the project the team is building up an inventory of all kinds of useful technologies, applications and features. The goal is to see what is already available and how might it be possible to integrate this into the project. You can download the inventory here.

Event specific information

Smart Systems Industry Summit 2015

Seminar Energy Harvesting

Seminar Bike2X Communication

 Smart Bike Partnermatching (01/2018)

 Seminar Battery Technology