Success Stories

One of the main goals of the Smart Bike project, is to initiate innovation projects and support companies and organizations in their innovative actions. Below you can find a number of success stories, realized throughout the project. Please note that not all success stories are listed here (confidentiality) and that sometimes names of companies are anonimized... .

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The Velumo project consists of an "intelligent rear light". This light can have different functions:

  • a warning system when someone is trying to steal your bike
  • a system to light-up when you are looking for your bike
  • a tracking system, thanks to built-in electronics
  • a breaking light

All these functionalities can be controlled by an app on your smartphone

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Lazer Inclination Sensor

A small inclination sensor built-in in your helmet. This sensor measures the way you leen back- or forward and provides feedback. In that way you are encouraged to position yourself into the most aerodynamic position possible.

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Cycling Highways

Flanders Bike Valley is also active in an Interreg project with a focus on Cycling Highways. This is actually a good project to handle some of the spill-overs from the Smart Bike project. Cases having to do with infrastructure and cycling highways can be started-up in Smart Bike and have their finality in Cycling Highways.

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Kipando - Smart Bike Lock

A smart lock that can be opened or closed by an app on the smartphone. An easy solution for every user but also for people that are renting bikes or for bike sharing applications.

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Kingo - Click&Bike

An E-bike with an integrated cockpit. The cockpit consists of a PDA-like platform to comfortabely display navigation info, touristic info, diagnostics about the bike, ... .

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A flexible platform for bikesharing. An easy app on your smartphone, together with a QR-code enables you to unlock a rental bike and start riding. No need to go to a special storage place for the shared bike!

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