Smart Home

 In 2012, IDC conducted a market study into Intelligent/Smart Systems, and concluded that two domains stand out with the highest projected growth rate for the period 2011-2016: healthcare and energy (with a dazzling compound annual growth rate of 45% and 55% respectively). DSP Valley had already picked up this trend in 2011, when it started its Special Interest Group on Medical Devices (now called Smart Health). As to the very promising market of "energy", this includes "Utilities, Home, and Smart Building". So, no wonder that we also chose the application domain of the "Smart Home" as a topic for one of our SIGs…

Not only was this SIG inspired by market developments, but (as always) also by the activities and interests of our members in this domain (Ansem, Easics, ICSense, imec, GreenPeak, KU Leuven, Ghent University, NXP, iMinds, associated member Smart Grids Flanders, etc.). It is all about intelligent, miniaturized, low-power sensors (temperature, humidity, people presence, light, etc.) and their application for energy efficiency and comfort in the home.

The activity of the SIG Smart Home was started "officially" early 2012 in the context of the TTC Interreg project, where DSP Valley was responsible for compiling a business roadmap for the Smart Home domain in preparation of a number of matchmaking events in this particular field. In the course of 2012 and 2013 several Smart Home / Smart Buildings matchmaking events were held, and we were positively surprised by the interest they generated with companies and research institutions (members and non-members) active in the domain. Hence, the SIG Smart Home has also acquired its place within the recently renewed DSP Valley activities. Rather than going into the Smart Home domain here, we refer to the roadmap that we compiled in the context of the TTC project. It contains some background on that project, on the Smart Home application domain (linked to the Smart Grid), and on the challenges and business opportunities in the field.