S3FOOD wants to develop new partnerships and collaborations across Europe for integrating smart sensors and industry 4.0 in the agri-food industry. This is done in 5 phases:

1. See

Join our study visits to frontrunner companies and living labs in countries around Europe. Here, you will see with your own eyes how smart sensors can be applied and the best practices for using the resulting data and information to the benefit of your company. We’ll share more info about the study visits as we go – so stay tuned!

2. Learn

Ideation sessions will take place after the study visits. The purpose is to gather ideas, discover the challenges of participating SMEs and find out how S3FOOD can support the SMEs. SMEs will be offered one-on-one support by experts and S3FOOD partners to develop and fine-tune ideas and solutions.

3. Team up

The next step is matchmaking at two crucial international events. Participating companies will have the opportunity to present their needs and solutions and find relevant partners. To ensure the best possible attendance, participants can apply for funding to cover some or all of their travel expenses.

4. Develop

Technology training and business coaching will be available to all participating SMEs in the form of online webinars and physical training sessions. We’ll also include a web-based tool on the S3FOOD website to provide an overview of all S3FOOD services, facilities and support opportunities.

5. Get Funding

Once you have developed and finalized your idea and project plan, each  SME can apply for funding to implement it. SMEs with the best project will be awarded vouchers up to the value of 60,000 euros.
Read more about this project at: https://s3food.eu/