2M Engineering

2M, founded in 2004, develops innovative solutions for Medical and Industrial applications. 2M’s core business is the generation of new products that solve real problems, bringing them from concept to commercialization. They develop their own products as well as products and modules for customers. The core competences are sensors and measurement technology, optics and lasers, analogue and digital electronics, software, firmware and precision mechanics. 2M also produces small series of prototypes and products, filling the gap between the first prototype and volume production. 

2M Engineering
John F Kennedylaan 3
5555XC  Valkenswaard
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 40 8080 230
Fax : +31 40 8080 206

Mrs. Gillian Mimnagh

Field of Competence
  • Sensors
  • Measurement technology
  • Optics and lasers
  • Analogue and digital electronics
  • Software and firmware 
  • Precision mechanics