Silica (Avnet Europe)

Silica (an Avnet  company) is a specialised distributor of semiconductors. Distribution is changing rapidly  and over the last  2 years we have increased our focus significantly on engineering support in specific areas. The Core ‘n More program was focussing on Embedded Processing offering hardware (e.g. initiatives: Pengwyn board, Architech program)  and software solutions to our customers. Other areas Silica is focussing on : RFID, Lighting , Power Solutions, areas addressing RFID applications and Power Solution. In the near future we will also roll out  new support  and development tools for the ZYNQ All Programmable SoC


Avnet Europe, Commercial VA Division Silica
Kouterveldstraat 20,
1831 Diegem
Tel.: +32 2 709 90 00
Fax.: +32 2 709 81 00

Mr. Patrick Roels
Sales Manager

Mr. Johan Deben
Field Application Engineer

Field of Competence