Astron (associated)

ASTRON is an institute of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, NOW, enabling discovery in astronomy by developing and operating state-of-the-art astronomical telescopes and instrumentation.
ASTRON pursues an active program of technical development, aimed both at providing innovative instrumentation for use on current observing facilities, and at laying the groundwork for future generations of telescopes and signal processing instrumentation. To these ends, the headquarters in Dwingeloo maintain a well equipped R&D division specializing in the design, prototyping and qualification of low noise radio receiver systems (0.2 - 345 GHz), very high speed digital electronics, antennas, antenna arrays, photonic technologies, advanced instrumentation for use at optical and infrared wavelengths, and algorithm and software engineering for instrument control and for imaging.
AstroTec Holding B.V (ATH) facilitates the transfer of innovative ASTRON technology to the market place, in collaboration with regional partners and other major industrial players.


Oude Hoogeveense dijk 4
7990 AA Dwingeloo
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 521 595186
Fax +31-521 595101

Mr. Albert-Jan Boonstra
Competence Manager

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