ICRealisations is an electronic system house with a specific focus on semiconductor and sensor integration into non electronic products. The team has a broad and complementary expertise that enables the company to provide and create non trivial, innovative solutions in the domain of intelligent sensing.

The domain of expertise contains almost all chip level sensor types like magnetic, inertial, RF, IR, TOF sensors but also embedded processing and specific actuators. Solutions may consist out of pure Hardware and or embedded software, but also the required tools that are connected direct or indirectly to measurement instruments, the internet or other existing equipment. The solutions created by ICRealisations could also be just a part of a product and increase the value as such.

ICRealisations supports its customers during the full journey of the development lifecycle on an open and flexible way. This starts with the definition of the most effective concept together with the customer. The development of the solution, the validation and even the production of the initial sample are typical part of the collaboration.



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Mr. Roger Diels

Mr. Nico Nuyts

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