Essensium provides consultancy and services on Linux and Open Source Software for Embedded Systems (Mind division), as well as a high precision Real-Time Location System for accurate positioning of assets and people in warehouses and container terminals (EPS division).
  • Mind Division: Mind provides consultancy and services in the field of Linux and Open Source software for embedded systems. Since 1999 Mind is one of the main players on the European market specialized in providing development, technical consulting, tool chains, training and support on Embedded Linux, Android, Xenomai, RTEMS, eCos, FreeRTOS, Qt, GStreamer, etc…
  • EPS Division: Essensium has developed and patented EPS- Essensium Positioning System (RTLS –Real Time Location System) a high precision position detection system. Current applications are a Collision Warning System between machines and /or between machines and men, and a position detection system for accurate positioning of containers and Business Process optimization (Work in Progress, operational efficiency). Target markets are Warehouses and Container Terminals. 



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Mr. Adrien Ampélas

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