KU Leuven - Technology campus Brugge
The research group ReMI, (Reliability in Mechatronics and ICT) encompasses the task forces of the Department Computer Science and Electronic Engineering Technology of KU Leuven - Campus Bruges. ReMI focuses on the reliable and sustainable performance of systems where electrical energy, automation, electronics, signal processing and ICT play a role.
  • Task Force FMEC: EMC & Signal Integrity, Overall reliability, Thermal & Mechanical behavior, Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing
  • Task Force EP: Concurrent software (MultiCore), Embedded software development, Software testing, Design patterns, Embedded software resilience
  • Task Force EMAS: Power electronics & Automation, Power Quality (EMC), Efficiency & Productivity, Reliable Networking, Renewable Energy
  • Task Force ECOREA: Analog and Digital signal processing, Algorithm development, FPGA & DSP Implementations, IoT, Sensor Networks

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Mr. Jeroen Boydens
Professor software engineering
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