Barco Silex Standardizes on Blue Pearl Software
Date: 16-04-2015
Barco Silex, a high end digital design engineering company with extensive experience in ASIC, SoC, FPGA and IP Core designs, announced that it has adopted the Blue Pearl Software Suite to streamline its design flow.
Transforms its ASIC and FPGA Design Flows
“Over the years, Barco Silex has developed a solid design methodology with a set of stringent rules and recommendations,” said Raphaël Gouthière, Quality Manager, Barco Silex. “By standardizing on the Blue Pearl Suite, we have automated and integrated the verification of coding rules and clock domain crossings in our design flow, helping us improve the quality of our designs.”
Barco Silex engineers are constantly challenged to meet the shrinking design schedules. By using Analyze RTL™, the designers have an easy and automated way to check and verify coding rules, which is very important for Barco Silex in order to maintain and/or improve the high quality of their designs. Another design challenge that Barco Silex faces is the multiplicity of clock domains. The Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) option from Blue Pearl helped its engineers verify all the clock domain crossings in their design. Moreover, Barco Silex required the new capabilities to be easily integrated in the design flow. Blue Pearl Software not only provided a scripting language that facilitates integration, but Barco Silex welcomed their support of the main FPGA vendor libraries.
“Blue Pearl Software is focused on automating FPGA and IP verification before debugging starts,” said Ellis Smith, Chairman and CEO, Blue Pearl Software. “We are helping Barco Silex to continue the development of high quality designs by automating design analysis and CDC checks.” 

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