Test & Measurement Solutions offers one Flemish company 25.000 to improve product quality and performance
Date: 15-01-2015

For the 3rd time now, Test & Measurement Solutions organizes a competition for companies in Flanders. The first prize is a voucher of 25.000€. The winner can use this voucher to invest in an innovative test or measurement solution to improve the quality of the end products or to improve the performance of the production process.

Why this 3rd edition of this initiative?

CEO Kurt Hensen: "The two former editions showed that many companies are looking for solutions to guarantee the quality of their products and to improve their performance. In a production environment it is not always easy to detect where an improvement in efficiency is possible. Nor to find a suitable solution. The economical reality forces them to look further than the obvious optimalisations (cost savings). A thorough analysis of the quality of a product and the efficiency of the production is absolutely necessary. It is there, where an efficient test and measurement solution can have a positive effect on the process of improvement. To detect a defect in a machine or to reduce the number of rejected end products, can make a huge difference. A visual inspection system or an (extra) test station on an important production line can increase the efficiency drastically. All the companies in Flanders can participate in this competition, no matter in what domain there activities are."

Previous winners

In 2012 the voucher was rewarded to Cochlear Technology Centre in Mechelen, the largest R&D centre of this market leader in innovative hearing implants. The voucher was used to develop a product and process innovation for implantable hearing aids.

In 2013 the winner was ViskoTeepak in Lommel, producing pure cellulose (wieniepak) and paper reinforced (fibrous) products for themeat processing industry. They used the money to install a visual inspection system on a production line for packiging meat products.

More info on the competition: www.timeforaboost.be