International Partner Cluster

SYSTEM@TIC PARIS-REGION, a fast-growing ICT Cluster

“World class” French Cluster, SYSTEM@TIC PARIS-REGION brings together 480 key players in Paris area. Each of them working in the field of software-dominant systems with a strong social dimension.

At the heart of the digital revolution, the goal of SYSTEM@TIC PARIS-REGION is to develop the regional economy, boost the competitiveness of local companies and support employment growth by leveraging innovation, training and partnership opportunities.

A strong project dynamic:

The commitment of all the clusters’ actors in the “cooperation-competition” creates synergies between SMEs,  Large Companies, Research Laboratories and allows the emergence of innovative projects. This cooperative method enables a very strong project dynamic around 5 themes:  

Key figures:

  • 137 Large Companies
  • 304 SMEs-SMIs
  • 91 Research Centres and higher educational establishments
  • 15 local authorities
  • 102 000 jobs


A World Class ICT Cluster open for collaboration:


  •  The SYSTEM@TIC PARIS REGION Cluster has developed 190 R&D projects, an investment of €8910M, including €355M funded by the French Government, its economic development agencies (the National Research Agency and the OSEO) and from the Paris' Region local governments.     
  • Cooperation between SMEs, Large Companies, Research Centres and higher educational establishments
  • SYSTEM@TIC PARIS REGION, an association supported by local authorities, economic development agencies, the French Government and its partners.