DSP Valley, partner of the Silicon Europe Alliance

The Silicon Europe Alliance, is the association welcoming European MNE clusters, and unites currently 12 European MNE clusters with about 2,000 cluster partners.

Peter Simkens, Managing Director of DSP Valley, is chairman of the Silicon Europe Alliance in 2016.

Silicon Europe Joint Action Plan describes the agreed actions to be taken by the Silicon Europe Alliance in order to support the growth and success of European innovation in micro- and nanoelectronics.

Five strategic themes

  • Knowledge and Technology Transfer – Clusters support exchange throughout Europe
  • Smart Specialization – R&D along the regional strongholds and markets
  • SME Funding – Clusters liaise SMEs to sources of capital
  • International Business Development – Increase international visibility and consequently detect and create opportunities for the (SME) members
  • Promotion of Micro- and Nanoelectronics – Communicate at large the indispensable role in today’s and future society

To support internationalization and increase the international visibility of the Silicon Europe Cluster, the ‘Silicon Europe Worldwide’ initiative has been launched.
The internationalization initiative is primarily meant to strengthen the international impact of the cross-regional ecosystem created by the cluster partnership. The main objectives are:

  1. Support electronics companies, and more in particular, SMEs, to be present in foreign markets either for business or partnerships.
  2. Attract foreign investment money or actors missing in Europe’s value chain.
  3. Promote the European electronics industry worldwide.

European Cluster collaboration Platform

Via Silicon Europe Worldwide, DSP Valley is part of The European Cluster Collaboration Platform. This is a service facility aiming to provide cluster organizations modern tools.
These tools allow to:

  • make efficient use of networking instruments (search/find potential partners and opportunities)
  • develop collaboration trans-nationally (within Europe) and internationally (beyond Europe)
  • support the emergence of new value chains through cross-sectorial cooperation
  • access the latest quality information on cluster development
  • improve their performance and increase their – as well as their members’ - competitiveness.

The European Commission awarded 24 European Strategic Cluster Partnerships with a label

Silicon Europe Worldwide was awarded with the "European Strategic Cluster Partnership - Going International (ESCP-4i)" label. By signing the ESCP-4i charter, Silicon Europe Worldwide commited itself to follow the main principles of the "Cluster Go International" call. The aim is to support the internationalization of SME members beyond Europe and to contribute to the European Commission's objectives to boost growth and investment in Europe