Welcome to DSP Valley

DSP Valley is a European cluster of excellence in smart electronic systems and embedded technology solutions, mainly active in Belgium and the Netherlands. Its 100+ members are businesses (from SME to large) and research institutions active in the whole value chain of micro-/nano-electronics and embedded systems: from silicon manufacturers over hardware & software design houses all the way up to product & tool developers, integrators and professional users. 

Technologies covered are all kinds of signal processing, such as audio, video, intelligent sensors, or wireless/wired communication. Application domains and markets include smart health (medical devices), smart home (energy-efficiency, comfort, infotainment), smart mobility (automotive, navigation), smart machines, etc.

DSP Valley stimulates entrepreneurship and open innovation by facilitating co-operation and partnerships for its member organisations. Activities include local and international matchmaking & brokerage events, participation in roadmapping exercises, sector representation, etc. DSP Valley also supports its members in marketing, communications, and HR matters. Its free Newsletter is distributed worldwide to nearly 3000 subscribers.

Since its creation in 1996, DSP Valley has been the catalyst in a large number of business and research co-operations, creating a tightly woven ecosystem of high-tech economic activity in Belgium and the Netherlands. The cluster also collaborates with similar networks and clusters in the semiconductor and embedded systems field all over Europe (System@tic, BICC-Net, Silicon Saxony, Electronics KTN, and others).

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